SlimPro Detox Cleanse 30 Day Supply
SlimPro Detox Cleanse 30 Day Supply
SlimPro Detox Cleanse 30 Day Supply

SlimPro Detox Cleanse 30 Day Supply

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For the ultimate in inner health the SlimPro Detox Cleanse is perfect for a gentle 7 day Detox to keep your body performing at it's best from the inside out. (Step 1 of the Complete SlimPro Program) 12 month supply (7 days to be repeated every 3 months). Feel lighter in just 7 days.

SlimPro Detox Cleanse

If you're feeling sluggish and clogged it might be time for a detox and cleanse from the inside.

This simple and gentle detox Cleanse will have you feeling better in no time. 

You won't be running to the loo like aggressive, laxative based detoxes. This is a very gentle system that takes 7 days to complete it's cycle leaving you feeling clean and clear again.

You may even notice your skin becomes clearer!

We recommend repeating the detox every 3 months for 7 days to keep the pathway clear.

If you're going to start changing the way you eat to follow any kind of healthy program of any type we suggest you do a 7 day cleanse prior to beginning to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. Clear passages allows your body to absorb full nutrients to be absorbed into your system.

Previous clients have achieved great results from a 7 day detox cleanse which is a great start to feeling great and getting ready to begin your next steps.

The program is 7 days long and should be repeated every 3 months.

You'll get:

  • SlimPro Cleanse
  • SlimPro Guide
  • SlimPro Meal Planner
  • SlimPro Shopping List

WARNING: May Contain Nuts