How It Works

How Does It Work?

There are two options available to you, we have the SlimPro™ Complete Program that is the Detox Cleanse + SlimPro Weight Loss Drops + Maintain Fat Burner or the SlimPro™ Basic Program  (Scroll Down) which is the SlimPro Drops alone. You’ll get amazing results out of both of them but the Complete Program will help you lose it and keep it off as you get the Maintain after care for when you reach your goal weight.  All products are available separately but you’ll save money buying them in a kit or in bulk.

This SlimPro™ program will teach you how and what to eat for the long term, it's not just about losing weight and going back to the way you used to eat, that's just crazy yoyo dieting which is what we want to end. This is about restarting your metabolism, resetting your hypothalamus gland and feeding your body three small meals a day and two snacks with enough calories to go with the fats that will be released back into your body to get everything moving smoothly again without your metabolism struggling and fighting to keep up.

The Complete Program:
SlimPro Detox + SlimPro Drops + SlimPro Fat Burner
The Complete SlimPro Program comes with:
  • Full Instructions
  • 30 Day (12 month if repeated for 7 days every 3 months) SlimPro Detox Cleanse
  • 40 Day Supply SlimPro Weight Loss Drops
  • 30 Day Supply of Maintain Fat Burner
  • Weigh In Chart plus our Happy Scales weight loss app to chart your progress
  • Menu tips and ideas
  • Suggested Meal Planner
  • FREE carry bag

STEP 1 – SlimPro Detox Cleanse

The SlimPro Detox Cleanse helps your body flush out toxins and build up that occurs over the years from diet and alcohol (pretty ugly stuff) this leaves your body clean and ready to absorb the SlimPro Drops without them having to fight through layers of gunk.

The Detox Cleanse is for the 7 days before you start your SlimPro Drops and should be repeated every three months (for 7 days) as you get enough to last your 12 months repeating this cycle. When you’ve finished your 7 days of cleanse you stop and go onto the SlimPro Drops. This Detox Cleanse will usually assist in losing up to 2kg of waste build up.

STEP 2 – SlimPro Weight Loss Drops

The SlimPro Drops come in a 40 day supply and assist your body releasing and purging abnormal stored fats back into your system. Then these fats are broken down into your bloodstream where your body uses it for fuel before it uses the food you eat.

The SlimPro Programs come with an eating plan to follow and the drops contain an appetite suppressant so you don't really feel hungry while you are following the Program after the first few days. You literally have thousands of calories floating around your body all the time from the fats being released and this stops your body going into starvation mode. You will not break down muscle and you cannot lose too much weight because it will only release abnormal fat stores.

During this step of the program it’s really important to be eating at least your 3 meals every day to kick start your metabolism again. The 2 snacks are optional. In Step 2 most dieters will lose up to 15kg in 40 days.

You put 10 drops onto a teaspoon and leave them under your tongue for 2-5 minutes, 10-15 minutes prior to eating your 3 meals a day. They taste a bit like cough medicine so they're not too unpleasant. You usually forget you're holding them under your tongue and swallow without realising.

STEP 3 – SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner

Once you reach your goal weight you stop taking the drops, this means you no longer have those fats being released and you no longer have the appetite suppressant in your system. This is where the SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner comes in.

You will be introducing other foods back into your daily eating routine and a larger variety of foods but continually monitoring your weight to make sure you stay under control. The Maintain Fat Burner will keep your appetite suppressed and your metabolism peaking during this transition so that your appetite doesn't spike and you get to keep control.

We recommend the continuation of the SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner a minimum of 3 months while you develop those healthy eating habits you’ve learned to give you the best chance to maintain your weight loss. You can continue taking the Maintain for the long term if you choose, to keep the edge off your appetite.

The SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner comes in a 30 day supply.

To REALLY knock the edge off your appetite or to get a kick start on your Program you may take these at the same time as your SlimPro Drops.