Up to 66lb SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack

Up to 66lb SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack

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If you want to enjoy a Cleanse plus the extra support of a Maintenance Burner to help maintain your goal, you'll love the savings of our SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack.

A great way for you and a your partner or a friend to do it together and get the maximum benefits of the SlimPro Program PLUS SAVE.

SlimPro Cleanse + SlimPro Drops + SlimPro Maintenance Burner

You'll get:

  • Full Instructions
  • 12 month supply of SlimPro Cleanse (7 days repeated 4 times a year)
  • 80 Day Supply SlimPro Drops
  • 30 Day Supply of Maintain Burner
  • Chart and Scales App
  • Menu tips and ideas
  • Suggested Sample Meal Planner
  • Carry bag
  • SlimPro Guide Books
  • SlimPro Meal Planner
  • SlimPro Shopping Lists

Step 1 - SlimPro Cleanse

Prepare your body ready to absorb the SlimPro Drops.

By cleansing before you start the SlimPro Drops you are creating the best possible environment within your body for the Drops. This pre-program Detox is a gentle 7 day cleanse that should be repeated every 3 months to maintain the clear path for nutrition absorption.

Previous clients have achievedgreat results within this 7 day period alone. The Cleanse is also available separately and it is suggested a cleanse every 3 months regardless of your healthy eating program. 

WARNING: Contains Nuts

Step 2 - Loading (See home page)

For 2 days eat whatever food you want that you feel you will go without for the nex 40 days.

Step 3 - SlimPro Drops

Continue for 40 days taking the SlimPro Drops.

In this stage of the SlimPro Program there is an eating program you follow with your 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

Some people will be tempted to go back to trying to eat less than is prescribed, however you must at least eat your 3 meals (the 2 snacks are optional) every day.

Previous clients have achieved great results on the 40 days of the Program.

Step 4 - Maintenance Burner

Once you reach your goal you'll move on to the Maintenance Step of the Program. The SlimPro Maintain Burner was created to help you as a continuation of the SlimPro Drops to help support you while you transition into adding other foods back into your healthy diet.

You'll be changing your eating slightly with different foods and monitoring how your body reacts to them on a daily basis. It's pretty clear straight away what your body likes to hold on to and what may not agree with your scales but you'll be monitoring it on a daily basis and able to swap those foods out with others as you learn what are your danger foods. The Maintain helps your body to STAY IN CONTROL.

It's recommend you continue taking the SlimPro Maintain Burner for a minimum of 3 months after you reach your goal to allow you to develop and cement good, healthy eating habits and provide you with the best control environment to maintain your goal.

100% natural, you can continue taking the Maintain on a long term basis for continued support. You'll love the results.

The SlimPro Maintain  Burner comes in a 30 day supply.

To REALLY knock the edge off or to get a kick start on your Program you may want to do the Maintain at the same time as your SlimPro Drops.


Makes sense doesn't it? SlimPro will give you the tools you've always wanted to succeed. 

We rely on your success to advertise our products so we'd love to see and hear your results.

SlimPro is available all over the world to support people who desperately want to and be that person they know they can be. Even if you suffer injuries and can't move around a lot or just plain hate the gym! SlimPro may help you.

We always recommend you stay as active as you can as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle but to achieve results on the SlimPro Program.